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Our Team

Higher Education was created by a group of women who are dedicated to making cannabis education accessible, all while breaking the stigma around cannabis in the process. Our shared passion for cannabis education binds us, but each of us couldn’t be more different – from our career backgrounds to our geographical locations across the United States.


We believe the diversity among our group offers our team a unique advantage in providing the best cannabis education around. We were brought together as a group of students in pursuit of a Master’s in Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics and we hope that our unity, shared experience, and knowledge can be utilized to help educate you in your cannabis journey.  

Image by Esteban Lopez

MS in Medical Cannabis Science & Therapeutics

The University of Maryland's Medical Cannabis Science & Therapeutics graduate program is the first of its kind. The 2-year, remote program is dedicated to educating graduate students across the United States about the current climate surrounding the medical cannabis industry. It is supported by renowned faculty and professionals of the like. Sound interesting? Click the button below to learn more!

Meet the Team

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